Our roots

Our roots are in South Tyrol. And we love to continue them. That also means appreciating traditional South Tyrolean grape varieties. Like Schiava and Lagrein that we proudly cultivate as our main varieties. We put our trust in them and would never do without them.


Schiava or Vernatsch – call it what you will, but THESE are our roots here in S. Maddalena. Many see just a mere table wine; we see our tradition. Delicate, fruity or structured – Schiava has more to offer than you might think. We love it.


"Make Schiava great again" - that (or maybe not) gave Georg the idea to produce the Isarcus. He wanted a deep, structured Schiava with delicate tannins rather than fresh and straightforward.

Thus, Georg decided to semi-dry the grapes. But not the Amarone way, where they are harvested and then dried. No, the grapes dry while still attached to the stem by incising the shoot before harvesting. That leads to less water content and a higher sugar concentration in the berries.


The deep colour and the playful interaction between tannins and acidity are what a real Lagrein is made of. A variety almost exclusively South Tyrolean; however, the taste varies in every other location. Just like in our vineyards. Therefore, we want to show you our Lagrein and all its different fashions: classic, riserva or selection.


"Exposed to the winds" - that's what makes this Lagrein so outstanding, giving us the possibility to take advantage of the full maturing time.

Due to the steady wind rushing through our vineyards in Rencio, we can dry our grapes even on wet days and, thus, provide better quality. Yet, all the mature grapes eventually need time to develop fully – and we gladly concede that to our Perflabilis. In the barrel, the bottle and the glass.