Red as the common thread

A common thread draws through the winery: red grapes, red apples, red tomatoes - tradition, hobby and passion.

Tradition & Passion

Apples & grapes – a typical mixed culture in South Tyrolean farms. We have always vinified our grapes ourselves. Thank God! Because wine is the family's passion. There is no family meeting without a glass of wine.

The Hobby

Tomatoes are Margareth's great passion – and now also of her son Michael. We cultivate them in multiple colours. You might already have eaten some since Griesbauerhof tomatoes are used in different restaurants in South Tyrol and in "Freiraum Mumi".


Our wines are a reflection of ourselves. They represent what we believe, what we enjoy, and what motivates us. On each bottle, we seal passion, hobby and tradition - in red with the family coat of arms.