The Mumelters

Georg, Margareth and sons, Michael and Lukas - the Mumelter Family, living in the Griesbauerhof since 1785.

He was only 20 when Georg took over the estate from his father after concluding his training at San Michele. Since then, he has been working with love and enthusiasm to hand it over to his children himself one day.

The 6th generation

Georg and Margareth have managed the estate since 1989. To sell exclusively bottled wine is just one of their numerous achievements together.

The 7th generation

Now it's up to the kids. Lukas may fulfil himself with the wines since 2018 – Michael in his osteria "Freiraum Mumi".


Father and heir of the estate. Already at the age of 20, Georg inherited these grounds. Together with Margareth, he decided to dedicate himself to his passion and commercialise only bottled wine. A crucial decision that has undoubtedly paid off so far.


The family's sunshine and solid as a rock. With much love, Margareth makes sure that everything runs smoothly. And on top of all that, every day, she merrily welcomes visitors to the wine tastings and takes them on a journey through Bolzano's world of wine.


Now it's his turn! He impersonates the 7th generation that takes over the wine estate – passing on, learning and adding. After his time in Geisenheim and many internships, he now starts his life on the estate with proper motivation and innovative ideas.


Michael feels at ease when in his osteria "Freiraum Mumi", surrounded by other people. Since 2019, he has been transmitting his love for wine to his guests and established a place where everybody may be free. Wine & Vibes.

The marmot

Wait for a second! The marmot is that tiny, whistling animal from the mountains, isn't it? It is hardly deniable that the family's last name comes from its German denomination (Murmeltier). We don't know why. Our ancestors might have loved the mountains. However, we continue the name and have incised it on the bottles' seal depicting our family coat of arms.