South Tyrol

Awww, the South Tyrolean way of life: mountains, good wine, "speck", cheese and "schüttelbrot". Pure pleasure! But there's more to South Tyrolean tradition than a speck platter in a lodge, accompanied by a glass of red Magdalener.

From father to son

According to South Tyrolean customs, our wine estate has always been handed down from father to son. We wish to continue this way. Whether to son or daughter is not a matter anymore. As we know, generations shape traditions. So why not shape new ones?


Bolzano's basin is known to be hot – and our grapes are delicate. Thus, the traditional "Pergola" training system is particularly suitable for varieties such as Vernatsch and Lagrein. Just the way grandpa did. Then his son. And son’s son now. Some things never change.

Be genuine

You don't necessarily have to change everything to do it better. We love our homeland and what it gives to us. Doesn't it make more sense to preserve that and get the best out of it. We believe that a new look, a new variety and a new wine style won't make it better. But being genuine does. Just like we are.


To share and drink wine with others is what keeps us motivated. We can tell our story, show people our handicrafts and arouse their enthusiasm. That's what we work for.