At the Griesbauerhof we know, that the quality of wine comes from the vineyard. Therefore we focus on natural and gentle cultivation with love for detail and perfection: in vine pruning, foliage work and regulation of the harvest through early thinning of the grapes. For the “Isarcus”, the vine is cut and the grape is dried on the vine, where the time of cutting and harvesting are decisive.


Our vineyards:

The Griesbauerhof owns four hectares of vineyards, reaching over the sun-spoiled hills above Bozen. The St. Magdalener, Lagrein, Isarcus and Cabernet Sauvignon grow in these warm locations. The Mumelter Family operates another vineyard to the south of Bozen at the confluence of the Etsch and Eisack rivers, where they grow Merlot and Lagrein. White Burgundy and Pinot Grigio mature at higher altitudes (at 500 m) at the white wine vineyard in Eppan.

The Rentsch vineyard (Bozen):

The approx. 2.5 hectares, sun-spoiled vineyard of the ancestral farm is located at an altitude of 300 meters at the foot of the hills of St. Magdalena and St. Justina in Rentsch. Due to the generous amount of sunshine, the southerly airy position, the sandy clay soil and the mud cone of Rivelaun River, this area is perfect for the cultivation of strong and characteristic red wines.

  • Wine growing surface: 2.5 hectares
  • Location: 300 m above sea level
  • Soil: sandy clay soil of porphyry origin
  • Types: Vernatsch for St. Magdalaner, Lagrein, Cabernet

The Spitz vineyard (Bozen South):

The Spitz vineyard is located at the confluence of the Etsch and Eisack rivers in Bozen South. Because everything here is flowing, the lightness of the sandy alluvial soil can be tasted in the wines that come from here: Lagrein and Merlot, which are light and fruity and powerful in a subtle way. This, in all its contrasts very exciting essence takes advantage of the warm location of the vines, and the constant sunshine, which intensifies the taste in all aspects.

  • Wine growing surface: approx. 9000 m²
  • Location: 240 m above sea level
  • Soil: alluvial soil
  • Types: Lagrein and Merlot

The Moritzing vineyard (Bozen):

The southern inclination of the hill favours the exposition of the sun, where the vines mature rather early on the Moritzing vineyard near Bozen. Here, we grow a Lagrein, which truly deserves the “powerful” attribute. The wines from this location are rich of tannins and therefore get a dry-intensive aroma, which contributes to the structured character of the wine.

  • Wine growing surface: 3000 m²
  • Location: 260 m above sea level
  • Soil: smooth sand soil of porphyry origin
  • Type: Lagrein

The Weißhaus vineyard (Eppan):

Nobody in South Tyrol denies that a few additional metres of altitude have an additional revitalising effect. The same applies to our wines, which grow on the vineyards in Eppan: due to the higher altitude, they get a special spice. Here we grow Pinot Grigio and White Burgundy with a lean character with a slightly salty-filling flavour. The result is lean, elegant and expressive.

  • Wine growing surface: approx. half a hectare
  • Location: 500 m above sea level
  • Soil: morays
  • Types: Pinot Grigio and White Burgundy