In the Cellar

Over a period of more than two centuries, our expertise in gently wine processing has matured -
in the vineyards and cellar.

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Once a year ends, it is not over at the Griesbauerhof: The taste of vintages has to be preserved for the moment when the essence of long and sunny days develops in the wine glasses on the tables.

Once the grape leaves the vineyard during harvest, the fruit is first processed in the ground-level fermenting cellar. After fermentation, storage in the underground cellar in wooden barrels follows. The different wines mature in wooden or barrique (red wines) barrels or in steel tanks (white wines and rosé wines).

"During the past few years, the entire cellar has been adapted to the technical requirements of modern times. It is our aim to preserve the quality of grapes from our vineyards in the cellar, and to develop the wines in a way typical to the variety and in a gentle manner", says Georg Mumelter.