Tasting spring 2020

Here are our next tasting dates, where we do not only present our wines, but also give you a lot of information about us and our work:

  • 15 – 17 March 2020 – Prowein, Düsseldorf
  • 26 – 29 March 2020 – Bolzano Wine Tasting, Mareccio Castle at Bolzano
  • 19 – 22 April 2020 – Vinitaly, Verona
  • 12th  June 2020 – Wine-Party, Griesbauerhof

Can’t miss this opportunity. We are waiting for you!

Griesbauerhof presents “InsriGer”, the wine of the “South Tyrolean Tavern”

Elegant, fruity and full-bodied in taste and color. This is the new “InsriGer”, a St. Magdalener Classic 2016 bottled by Griesbauerhof Winery.

This noble wine was specially produced for the group “Südtiroler Gasthaus-Locanda Sudtirolese””, an association of over 30 taverns that aim to serve up high quality typical dishes. The assembly of the autochthonous grape varieties Vernatsch and Lagrein fits perfectly to the South Tyrolean cuisine. Let’s make a toast to this brand new tasty couple!


Our new vintages on stage!

The very start of the year is the traditional moment when the new vintages celebrate their debut. We, Grisbauerhof wine estate, consider the local, national and international wine events an important occasion to present our wines to a large public. We consider trade fairs to be the place of exchange and confrontation with our customer and friends. Are you thinking about visiting a wine trade fair? Come and look for us!

Our most important appointments:

  • Bolzano Wine Tasting: Bolzano 16th to 18th March 2017
  • Prowein 2017: Duesseldorf, 19th to 21st March 2017
  • Vinitaly 2017: Verona, 8th to 12th April 2017
  • Freie Weinbauern Südtirol and Trentino: Trento (Palazzo Roccabruna), 29th April 2017 (from 2 pm)
  • Wine Cellar Night on the South Tyrolean Wine Road: 10th June 2017 (from 5 pm)

The Tomato feast at the Griesbauerhof!

Our tomato feast is back! Monday 8 August, starting at 8 pm, chef Anni Matcher (Restaurant “Zum Löwen” in Tisens) and chef Herbert Hintner (Restaurant “Zur Rose” in Eppan) are celebrating this precious ingredient in a creative gastronomic selection, which will be combined to our wines.
We are very passionate about tomatoes: we have been farming 30 different types for several years. You will have the possibility to taste and buy our own products during the event.

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